Where To Invest Money To Get Good Returns In Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country & offers plenty of investment opportunities to local & foreign investors. But the question here is that where to invest money to get good returns in Pakistan. After making deep analysis and research we’ve discovered the top effective way of doing that in order to get good returns is real estate investment. It is considered as a safe, secure, and profitable investment opportunity in Pakistan. The demand for property in Pakistan is increasing day by day due to the rapid increase in population. 

We all know the simplest way a person can invest in real estate is by buying a rental property and getting monthly payments in the form of rent, from the tenets. There are thousands of rental properties and thousands of tenets in search of homes. Or, another way is to purchase a plot, and keep it for the long-term to sell at a future date; there are about 17000 plots available for sale in Rawalpindi / Islamabad alone.

Pakistan’s Real Estate Market

Pakistan’s real estate market is one of the few that provides a wide range of investment choices. These profitable solutions not only allow you to keep the real item, but they also allow you to obtain rentals and a high return on your investment.

The housing market in Pakistan is slowly filling in ubiquity. Moreover, Pakistan’s land estimate for 2021 shows that individuals are turning out to be more mindful of the appealing profits from their investments in this field. Therefore, the premium on business land is ascending as it’s becoming one of the most amazing land investments in Pakistan.

Additionally, tax reduction by the government in the real estate sector has attracted investors to put their money into a secure business. An excellent analysis of the real estate field can provide investors with the right time and the right place for investment. The twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have witnessed extraordinary growth in the past few years.

Islamabad is known for its scenic beauty. Recently, this well-planned city grabbed a lot of attention from real estate developers and real estate investors. Most of the developers in Islamabad are coming up with International standard projects. Bahria town is considered as a posh housing society in Pakistan Properties, providing all kinds of facilities to the residents. It’s an ideal place not to live only but in terms of the best investment option with higher returns is discussed below for Rawalpindi/Islamabad region. 

The Hash Mall:

It is a recently launched project of the Hashi Group of Companies in Phase 8. A project of its kind has become a hot topic among investors as of its high profile. It’s unmatched amenities and world-class features make it distinguish from others.

The Hash Mall is the most lucrative investment option as the value of the property is too high to benefit the investors. Moreover, the beautiful architecture and the vast range of facilities are the reason for the high value of this project in Pakistan Properties.  It is a 14-floors commercial & residential project. The first 6 floors serve commercial purposes with shopping areas, a food court, a cineplex, a tennis court, and several other amenities and facilities. Moreover, the last 7 floors are designed for residential purposes with 1&2-beds apartments and duplexes. The project is in-lined with all the important facilities necessary for a luxurious yet comfortable lifestyle.

In its new deal, The Hash Mall is offering 22,000 monthly rentals over the investment of 12 lacs only. Moreover, in this 1-year offer, you will get 6% TO 8% buybacks on return. This is the best opportunity to get a handsome monthly return among other investment opportunities. Interested buyers can book a unit at a 25% down payment, and the remaining amount is divided into 48-monthly installments. 


This is another successful real estate project of the Hashi Group in Bahria Phase 8. Phase 8 of Bahria Town Rawalpindi is the pioneer phase of Bahria Town. The profitable investment options force the investors to move to invest their money fearlessly.

Moreover, the people investing in Hash Residency will enjoy living in an exceptional way in Pakistan properties. As well as provision of all basic needs like electricity, gas, fuel, and water along with top features highlights Hash Residency as very secure. Furthermore, a 24/7 modern security system makes it a perfect spot for the resident. Living in Hash Residency means enjoying a luxurious life with peace.

Hashi GOC provides an exclusive consultancy with the best projects in Islamabad. Our teams are ready all the time to serve you with transparency and trust. Your investment with Hashi GOC and its projects is an ultimate growth opportunity. For more details, visit us at our office or contact us at: www.hashigoc.com or 03355551541


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