Solid Investment Opportunities Await You In Islamabad

Putting your savings into work is the best way to escalate your financial positioning. Investments generally multiply your capital and build up your portfolio. Besides making you independent and wealthy, investments minimize the impacts of inflation. Currently, there are Investment Opportunities Await You In Islamabad, whose details are given below.

The real estate sector in Pakistan offers enormous perks. Increasing demands for housing and splendid lifestyles enhance investment potential. Further, the real estate sector is expanding its horizon as it has become the fastest-growing sector but still, the real potential of the property sector in the country is yet to be tapped. 

The Capital

Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital city in the world after London. It is the first city in the country that has been developed properly. Its master plan, infrastructure, developmental status, greenery, and above all, its proximity to Margallah Hills make it one of the best investment destinations. Owing to the lifestyle it offers, educational and health facilities, the population of the city is growing and it enhances its investment potential.

What should be my investment niche in Islamabad?

Islamabad is second to none in terms of investment potential. No matter how much capital you possess, if you are serious about investing, you always have numerous options here. If you want to start your new life here, you can buy plots and apartments. If interested in business, you can easily start your business with modest capital.

The Hash Mall

The Hash Mall is a skyscraper project of the Hashi Group of Companies. Located at a significant location in twin cities, it is the most after-sought project in the town. Currently, attracting local and international investors. Its master plan is unique and adds to its beauty. Further, advanced facilities are made available as its developers believe in quality services and client satisfaction. 

Significance of Investment in the Hash Mall 

The Hash Mall offers cost-effective commercial and residential investment opportunities to potential investors. Its payment plan and installment plans are quite feasible if we consider its location and its facilities.

Further, the developers of The Hash Mall recently made a wonderful announcement. They intend to facilitate investors and provide them with reliable, quality, and matchless investment options. So, they announced that investors will be paid back 4 years of rental payments right after the agreement. Now, an investor will not have to wait for years to get his returns on investment as the Hash Mall management decided to provide ROIs at once and immediately. This offer can be attained till 31st December 2022. 

So, considering the inflation and economic downturn, this investment opportunity is no less than a blessing. Firstly, it will not only secure your capital but will let it generate more for you. Secondly, you will get ROIs instantly that will enable you to invest further.

Hash Residency

Hash residency is another project of the Hashi group of Companies. This high-rise is also located in Bahria Town, Phase 8, in twin cities. So, are you finding the best investment slough for you? Then, you are at the right place because Hash Residency offers panoramic scenery and a luxurious lifestyle to its residents at reasonable prices.

If we consider convenient commercial and residential investment options, Hash Residency cannot be distinguished from the Hash Mall. Mainly both are being developed by the Hashi Group of Companies which pursues its objective to uplift the living standards and make modern facilities available in the country cost-effectively.

World-class lifestyle, impeccable master plan and infrastructure, peaceful and serene environment, and dedicated parking places. Then, what are you waiting for? Invest in the Hash Residency and begin adventurous life! 

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          What is the immediate ROI offer?

          If you invest in the Hash Mall till 31st December 2022, then you will get 4 years of rental income right after your investment. 

          Where is the Hash Mall located?

          The Hash Mall is located in Bahria Town Phase 8, Islamabad. Its location is prime and adds value to the Mall. 


          Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and the second most beautiful capital in the entire world. Living in Islamabad is a dream of many but a few people can actually materialize this dream. Hashi Group of Companies considers all economic and social factors and understands your aspirations. So, it is trying hard to make your dream come true. The Hash Mall and Hash Residency are one of the best commercial and residential investment options in twin cities.


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