Interior Design Trends to Watch in the Future

Trends come and go in the world of interior design. Anyone interested in interior design is aware of the innate tendency to go. What was popular ten years ago may not be popular today, and what is popular today may not be fashionable in ten years. Every year, interior design trends shift as new designs emerge and old ones are recreated. From basophilic design to sustainable materials, what was popular in the past may no longer be so, and what is trendy now may not be so in 10 years. As we enter the new decade, various interior design concepts will be popular in 2023. If you’re planning a home renovation or want to remain ahead of the curve, here are some potential trends to look out for in the coming years.

The next year will likely bring a long-awaited shift in how people design their homes, emphasising wellness and hospitality. The current home décor ideas are equal parts beautiful, dramatic, and joyful, with places built out to cultivate a creative attitude and mindfulness practice to sociable furniture with delicate curves that induce a sense of peace.

Suppose you prefer to keep on top of the newest interior design trends. In that case, this thorough guide may help you change your environment into something that appears on the dazzling panels of elevated decorative items.

1. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are making a comeback in a big way. This trend harkens back to the Art Deco era when such patterns were all the rage. Consider adding geometric patterns to your decor if you want to bring a sense of elegance to your house. You can find these patterns on everything from wallpaper to floor tiles to fabric.

2. Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are another huge trend taking the interior design world by storm. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, mixed metals refer to mixing different metals in one space. For example, you might have a bronze chandelier hanging above a steel dining table. Or you might have brass door handles on an aluminium entry door. The possibilities are endless! This concept is ideal for individuals who wish to give their area a modern twist.

3. Velvet Furniture

Velvet Furniture is comfortable and stylish, making it the perfect addition to any home. This fabric is frequently linked with grandeur and extravagance, making it ideal for people looking to make a statement with their furniture selections. Plus, velvet comes in a variety of colours, so you’re likely to discover something that complements your own style.

4. Natural Materials

Natural materials are making a big comeback in the world of interior design. Wood, stone, and plants are just some of the materials used more and more in home design. This trend is perfect for those who want to create a rustic or earthy feel at home.

5. Minimalistic Colour

The course of the most recent but still, most experts predict that ocean tones such as green and blue will emerge as the most dominant colour trends in future. While many people feel that raspberry and lavender will take centre stage because of their joy and vivacity, many interior designers seem to be veering towards aqua, teal, cyan, and other colours.

Many anticipate that water tones will steal the show in 2023 due to their aesthetic impact and capacity to establish a calmer atmosphere. These shades provide a sense of calm and relaxation, complementing the growing emphasis on a healthier life. Painting an elegant feel in watercolours is also an excellent option for people looking for a mental reset after a long day.

Hash Residency as a Foundation of Sparse Architectural Design

In today’s world, it seems like everyone is searching for ways to declutter their lives and live with less. And what better way to do that than with a minimalist approach to interior design? That’s where Hash Residency comes in. Hash Residency is located in the heart of Bahria town Phase 8, Islamabad, Hash Residency is a unique project of the Hashi Group of Companies that provides a luxurious and peaceful place with minimalist and modern interior design. Hash Residency is making a name for itself in the world of interior design as its unique take on the minimalist aesthetic.

Hash Residency incorporated modern art, a minimalistic approach, geometric patterns and unique designs in their project. Hash Residency takes a holistic approach to its interior design. Every space element should be carefully considered to create a balanced and harmonious whole. Special attention to the smallest details, from the elevation layout to the colour of walls and everything in between, is paid. The goal is to create not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable spaces for living or working in.

This philosophy has been reflected in Hash residency’s elegant designs, unified with modern art and unique techniques. The Hash Residency favours clean lines, simple forms, and neutral colours. The unremarkable design of Hash Residency allows them to focus on what’s important: living their lives or running their businesses. The Hash Residency’s goal is to create functional spaces that are both stylish and comfortable. And judging by the enthusiastic reviews Hash Residency has been getting, it is telling that they are succeeding!


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