What Is Hashi Group Of Companies & How It Is Evolving The Real Estate Sector?

Hashi GoC is a respected and dependable company in the construction sector. How it is evolving the real estate sector? We work to modernize the real estate industry in Pakistan with the help of our three main offices by completing high-caliber business and industrial projects.

With a committed group of professionals, we provide high-caliber work at reasonable prices. Here is a brief summary of the projects we have finished and are working on.

You may face negative cash flow just because of choosing the wrong location. But Hashi GOC prevents you from this hassle. Most of our projects are found in well-known areas with top-notch amenities.

For example, our recent project, Hash Residency, is located in central Islamabad, a business bay of Bahria town, helping you enjoy beautiful esthetics and the best facilities. Hence, your investment will be secured, and you can get enormous benefits.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of paradise. If you’re seeking the ideal location to call home, go no further than Hash Residency. This opulent complex contains everything you could possibly want or need, and there are just a few apartments remaining.

Where Can You Invest?

Recently you can invest in the following projects of HASHI GoC.


You can also take a look at the adequately delivered projects of Hashi GoC. Hence, you shouldn’t have any worries about the quality and provision of facilities. Also, we’ve eliminated the maximum risks that lead to a negative cash flow.

Why You’ll Love Hash Residency

  • Heart-winning design: Industry professionals have praised the innovative design of our development. Hash Residency is the place to go if you’re looking for a hip and contemporary atmosphere.
  • Luxurious finishes: Every component, from the fixtures to the flooring, has been carefully chosen to offer an unmatched level of luxury. You’ll feel pampered each time you enter the doors of your new house.
  • Superior construction: We used top-notch materials and paid close attention to detail when building our development so that it would last. Knowing that your money is in capable hands allows you to unwind.
  • Impressive amenities: Whether you prefer to relax or stay active, we have you covered. In addition to our on-site gym, pool, and spa being perfect for staying in shape; our Chikachino lounge is great for unwinding with friends or catching up on work. You never have to go far to find what you need, thanks to the many shops that are conveniently located on the site.

Structural Ambiguities

Another excellent reason for the risk of investment includes structural problems in a residential society and commercial hub. But quality is our top priority, and you can experience it from our completed projects.

Is Hashi GoC Bringing Revolution In The Real Estate Sector?

Hashi GoC is bringing about a revolution in the real estate industry by removing all the dangers associated with shoddy construction that lacks facilities and is of low quality and structure. Here are some objectives for our work in the real estate industry.

Supplying first-rate amenities and giving the best service.

Promoting Pakistan’s good reputation by providing top-notch services.

High-caliber criteria that are properly upheld.

Creating a tranquil, peaceful residential and business atmosphere.

Bringing It All Together

Hence, we hope that your ambiguities regarding the security of investments have been resolved. Despite on unpredictable changing conditions of the real estate market, we ensure that your assets will be completely secured. Analyze properly and make your decision!

Summing Up

Hence, that was all about the brief details of Hashi GoC and our currently running and completed projects. For the last 3 years, we’ve been working on different projects to create masterpiece projects for you providing top-notch facilities. If you’re interested in learning more, hit us through the box present below.


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