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Visiting malls and roaming around them is an expanding element of modern life. Walking around malls is a great stress reliever. Mall amenities may turn negative ideas into good ones and dull individuals into romantic ones. Going to the mall may be the most convenient and calming activity when stressed.

People ignore their problems in malls and indulge in fun and discount shopping. A mall has many things to offer. After shopping and dining, one may play in arcades, watch movies, eat incredible food, and wander around the stores. Modern retail malls include information kiosks, laundry facilities, public bathrooms, gift-wrapping services, tour, and trip booking counters, and other amenities. All of these visitor-accessible pathways are essentially the various components of Hash Residency.

In the era of skyrocketing inflation, a sane investment option is all we need. Secure your funds by investing them in an excellent Hash Residency situated on the Bahria Expressway, Phase 8 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab. Hash Residency is the most popular mall, attracting millions of people each year. That is why this is Rawalpindi’s most lucrative mall. We have over 200 foreign and local brand stores, making Hash Residency the largest mall in Rawalpindi. Hash Group of Companies is a thriving firm dedicated to providing innovation and exceeding expectations. 

We keep our word and deliver on our promises. 

Food Courts

A food court, a collection of several eateries, is one of the most popular components of a shopping mall. It has venues next to one other, with a centralized communal dining space to serve clients.

The three most common methods for operating food courts are

(a) near big “anchor businesses,”

(b) at a handy location for truck deliveries, and 

(c) dedicating a separate floor or a more significant portion of a floor to restaurants. 

Although many shopping malls include full-service theme restaurants, the food court allows guests to taste a variety of fast food options.

Hash Residency is one of its kind Mall with Fire Alarms, Emergency Exits, and Efficient Support Staff. We comply with all the regulations the Food Security Department has set forth. Invest in the Hash Residency NOW, and get a secure investment.   

Department Stores

Hash Residency is thoroughly equipped with proper Lighting and Cooling options for running your business smoothly. Moreover, we also provide thorough ventilation that helps maintain the perfect ambiance. Free Wifi, Banks, First Aid, Baby Changing rooms, Prayer Rooms, ATM Machines, and Covered Car Parking facilitate your business efficiently. 

Stand-Alone Store 

In general, most of the area in a shopping mall or shopping center is covered by satellite buildings to be found on the same plot of land or one near it, on which stand-alone stores may or may not be contractually connected to the standard services.

These stores may have separate access, exit gates, parking lots, and security features, or their lots may connect with those of the Hash Residency or center. The retailers’ presence has been planned by the Hash Residency’s owners – the hash residency – and the satellite buildings will frequently be viewed as a single, cohesive entity.

It is similar to a destination shop in that people are aware of its existence and will visit it. This type of business provides a greater area for item display and is easily accessible. Customers also like to call these stand-alone establishments since they avoid crowds that may be seen otherwise. 


Hash Residency has varied options of Commercial Shops to choose from. You can secure your investments by investing in one of the top real estate ventures you have ever dreamt of. Limited inventory left, so hurry up and book these fantastic pieces of real estate on a first-come, first-served basis. 


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