5 Reasons Your Property Has High Resale Value

In this blog, we will be discussing the reasons your property has high resale value. Several characteristics of your home may affect the selling price. To receive the greatest price for your house before listing it for sale, it’s essential to take into account a number of crucial aspects. Doing so can significantly affect how soon your house sells. Real estate experts claim that although homes that are priced in line with current market trends receive an offer in approximately a month, those that are overpriced may not sell for months (or even longer).

A lot of first-time purchasers believe that a home’s physical features will increase its value. In actuality, a property depreciates over time because of the actual building that makes up the property.

The selling price of your property may be impacted by a number of factors. According to real estate experts, homes that are overpriced may take months or even longer to sell than those that are priced in line with current market trends, even though they often receive an offer within a month of being listed.

Hashi Group Of Companies Has Listed Some Factors That Determine The Property Value


The value of a property is significantly influenced by a number of important factors, including its location.

Do nearby restaurants, supermarkets, public transportation, schools, and other services have easy access?

Is it situated in a well-liked vacation spot?

Is the city close by?

If a place is more popular and accessible, it will be worth more as an investment.

Additionally, the regional climate and weather have an impact on the value of your house.

In many cases, a good location means a quiet area, greater infrastructure, better amenities, and proximity to nearby landmarks. Each of these factors has the potential to raise or lower a property’s value.

State Of Property

The condition of the property in relation to its overall age is a crucial factor in assessing its value.

The more recently built property is, the more willing purchasers are to pay for it because it doesn’t need any major repairs or improvements. Property buyers look at the structure’s condition in addition to its age.

A property that is 15 years old and has been well-kept is more appealing to buyers than a newer home that needs major remodeling.

Customization & Upgrades

Renovations, upgrades, and home improvements could significantly increase the value of your home, especially if it is an older home with outdated features.

The two renovations that could have the most effects on a home’s value are kitchen and bathroom upgrades. Consider adding more bedrooms as another option. Another significant factor that affects a home’s value is its exterior, or “curb appeal.”

Your property’s worth could increase if you improve your garden.

Market Situation

The struggle between supply and demand has a big impact on how much real estate is worth. If there is a high demand but a fixed supply, property prices will rise as more people try to buy.

The supply may be increased by breaking up large existing structures into a number of smaller units or by creating whole new properties. In turn, prices will start to drop as supply exceeds demand.

NOC & Approvals

Today, constructing a property requires both planning authorization, which covers the design, shape, and size of the property, and building regulations, which cover the technical parts of the construction process.

A building might be destroyed if certain requirements aren’t followed.

Therefore, the quantity of planning authorization and building restrictions needed may affect the property’s worth.

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